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About Our Work and Us

At The Cross Mission INC, is a meal kitchen serving the less fortunate of our community.  We serve the unemployed, homeless, anyone on a fixed income, veteran, elderly, families or anyone else desiring a meal.   In response to the Lord's teaching in Matthew it gives us instruction to serve them and as such we therefore offer meals, pantry items, and clothing.

We provide pantry items once a month to local families, Clothing as needed is limited due to space, and currently we serve an average of 90 meals a night.

Our organization is founded by Rev. Myers Hyman a retired pastor that served in our local community.  He has felt a need to help our community and welcomes food, supplies, and cash donations.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization # 26-4062286.

Non-Discrimination Policy: We do not exclude anyone on the basis of race, sex, age, nationality, handicapped, or any other factor that may be in a person’s life. Our Goal is to feed the bodies of the needy, so that not only there bodily needs are taken care of but also a peace of mind and spiritual uplift of the soul.

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  • 301 Main St, Mt Vernon, IN 47620
  • (812) 838-9670